Reference Connections

Use the circuit diagram to reference for connecting the components together. The diagram does not depict exact wire lengths or size of components.

Connect the hardware as follows:

  • Trinket 3V/5V power to 7-segment power (+) and one side of the button. If using the 14-segment display connect 3V/5V power to the additional power (+) pin.
  • Trinket #0 to 7-segment SDA (D).
  • Trinket #1 to opposite side of button.
  • Trinket #2 to 7-segment SCL (C).
  • Trinket GND/ground to 7-segment ground (-).
  • Trinket 3V/5V power to positive (+) on LED sequin
  • Trinket GND/ground to negative (-) on LED sequin

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