Arcade Button

This is a 30mm arcade button with a low-profile and nice press feel. We'll need to take it apart in order to add our 3D printed emjoi cover and an LED sequin so it can light up!

Remove Actuator

Let's start by removing the actuator/cover from the button housing. There's two clips on the side of the that keep the cover held in place. Use a screwdriver to push those clips inward and move it up. This will make the cover come lose. Then, pull the cover out of the button housing. 

Separate Pieces

With the cover out of the button housing, pull out the white colored actuator from the cover. You can disgard the actuator, we'll replace it with a 3D printed emjoi actuator. But, keep the transparent cover, we still need it!

Insert Diffuser to Cover

Now we can assemble our emjoi actuator/cover. It's a two piece thing. The ab-cap.stl part should be printed in either translucent or white colored filament while the emjoi cover can be printed in a dark color. This is to allow the LED to diffuse the cap and make the emjoi cutout glow. Press the ab-cap.stl part into the emjoi cover. It should have a tight tolerance and snap into place.

Install Emjoi into Button Cover

Next, insert the emjoi cover into the transparent cover. There's tiny protrusion on the sides of the cover that should go through the slits on the side of the transparent button cover. Make sure they're lined up when pressing it in. Press it all the way in, the tolerances should be tight enough to hold it into place.

This guide was first published on Mar 13, 2016. It was last updated on Apr 16, 2024.

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