When I started designing the rover, I ran into a significant obstacle trying to find inexpensive tracks / treads. I had some success 3D printing ones with flexible filament but the total cost was too high.

That's when I stumbled into these... 'chain bracelets' from Oriental Trading. You can buy a dozen for less than ten dollars; which will make six rovers.

The pattern is slightly different on the inside and outside; rounded (left) and flat (right). The rounded side fits in the wheel / sprocket perfectly.
This guide builds on three others...

Introducing Trinket

Modifying Servos for Continuous Rotation

Trinket Servo Control

Ready? Here is a list of materials you will need.
For distance measurement, you can use a Parallax Ping))) Sensor, Grove Ultrasonic Ranger, or Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder.

Let's get fantastic with some plastic!

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