This guide no longer works with the original Trinket - we recommend upgrading to the Adafruit Trinket M0 (Product #3500) which has built in USB and does not need any special hacks to work!
I managed to write a Python script that does the same thing as the Windows application, except it's not a system tray application. It needs to be launched through the command line or using a script.

Since it's a Python script that uses cross platform modules, the whole script is also cross platform and thus it works on Linux and Mac OS X.
I've tested this on Windows, and I am only assuming it will work on Linux and Mac OS X at this time. I will test more when I am able to.
First you need these items installed:
(note: you can install the two modules using easy_install , if you are having trouble installing these, please check Google to find some Python tutorials on installing modules!)

Second, to replicate the role of com0com, use this command:
socat PTY,link=COM8 PTY,link=COM9
to create COM8 and COM9, use any number you want

Finally, to run the Python script...

The download package is located: , the py file is inside the zip archive.

Using your command line terminal, navigate to where the py file is located, and then run this command:
python -p <portname>
The script should then run forever. It should gracefully handle connections and disconnections for you, but errors will show up on the screen.
To view more command line options (options for silencing errors, or show more detailed connection status) for the script, run this command:
python -h

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