This guide no longer works with the original Trinket - we recommend upgrading to the Adafruit Trinket M0 (Product #3500) which has built in USB and does not need any special hacks to work!
Everything you need to download is on github, click the button to download a zip
(note: all the source code is available: )

Install the Arduino library as if it was any other Arduino library, read the readme.txt file, the source code, and the example sketch to see how to use it.

Install com0com, then use it to setup a pair of fake serial ports (see screenshot to see my configuration, you can use any port number you want)
This is the point where you write your own sketches to use the TrinketFakeUsbSerial library in any way you'd like. Get creative!

Please read the source code of the library, the readme file, and the example sketch. It will help you understand how to use the library. It works mostly like HardwareSerial, so you can use print and println, along with other inherited functions.
When you try to connect a Trinket loaded with a sketch containing the TrinketFakeUsbSerial library, Windows will fail to find a device driver. The zip file you downloaded contains the device driver you need, so you have to tell Windows where they are. The driver is unsigned so there might be a security warning, install it anyways.
You've also downloaded the executable named TrinketFakeUsbSerialHostSW.exe , when you need to use the serial terminal with Trinket, this executable must be running in the background.
Remember, if you use com0com to setup COM12 and COM13, then use TrinketFakeUsbSerialHostSW to open COM12, and use your serial terminal to open COM13. The com0comsoftware will create a data-pipe between the two different # ports.

Don't try to open COM12 using both, it won't work. Don't try to open COM13 using both, it won't work.

(You don't have to use 12 or 13, you can really use any unused number)

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