You can play music with the Trellis M4 by turning it into a great input device for synthesizers! It can send standard MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) note data over USB MIDI to a software synth on your computer, laptop, (including web browser based synths!), or mobile device.

Using the built-in accelerometer (thanks to Analog Devices for the ADXL343!), we can also send control change (CC) data, such as mod wheel, and filter cutoff values, and even pitch bend settings just by tilting the Trellis M4! 

You can even use the Trellis M4 to control hardware synthesizers by using a conversion device that acts as a USB MIDI host and sends out traditional MIDI over a 5-pin DIN cable or more modern TRS 3.5mm MIDI connection. It's even possible to go really old school and convert to gate and CV (control voltage) for a modular synth or pre-MIDI device..

Parts Used

Hands pressing buttons on lit up NeoTrellis M4
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Assembly and Familiarization

Take a look at the Trellis M4 main guide for lots more info and the assembly page in case you haven't yet built the enclosure.

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