The sensor will connect to port D3, on the lower right as you look at the back of the Monster M4sk.

Your 3-pin JST connector will connect to the sensor as follows:

  • G --> G (black wire to black wire)
  • +5V --> +5V (red wire to red wire)
  • IN --> OUT (white wire to yellow wire)

For power, you can use either the USB port or the JST battery port (just above D3).

Extra Features

If your project has a larger scale, or eyes that are further apart (like, on an animal head) you can disconnect the two halves of the Monster M4sk at the nose bridge and reconnect them with another 3-pin JST connector. 

More about this process can be found in the FIzzgig Eyes guide here.

If you want round, bulgy eyes, we also sell lenses that can make the eyes seem to "pop out" at the viewer. More about that here!

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