Now it's time to add electronics to the panda!

Cut a rectangular hole in the back of the box.


Insert servo housing into cardboard.

Cut another rectangular hole in front flap of the box.


Insert second servo motor into this hole.


The fit should be fairly tight so it doesn't fall out accidentally.



Synchronized Servos

CRICKIT can control up to four servos at once! For this project we will only need two. We will use Mu to upload the CircuitPython code to Circuit Playground Express and control both servos simultaneously.

If you have not used Mu before, this is the guide on how to install it

For a quick primer on using CircuitPython and Servos, it is recommended to read through this learn guide as well.

Connect your servos to CRICKIT as shown in the diagram below. Be sure the yellow wire faces the edge of the CRICKIT board and the brown/black wire faces the Circuit Playground Express.

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