We will refer to the servos as One through Five, One being the bottom servo located in the arm base and Five being the top servo where the gripper is connected.

Each servo will be wired to 5V and Ground. Since there are 5 servos you may want to use a power source with more than 2A output. I used the Molex 5V power from an old PC power supply to power everything, but you can also try a 5V 4A adapter with a barrel-jack adapter to power the servos separately than the Arduino

The PWM input wire (orange) and the feedback wire (white) for each servo will be attached to the Arduino pins as follows:
  • Servo One - PWM -> Digital 8, Feedback -> Analog 1
  • Servo Two - PWM -> Digital 9, Feedback -> Analog 2
  • Servo Three - PWM -> Digital 10, Feedback -> Analog 3
  • Servo Four - PWM -> Digital 11, Feedback -> Analog 4
  • Servo Five - PWM -> Digital 12, Feedback -> Analog 5
We need one push button for the record function and another push button for the replay function. Wiring a push button circuit can be found at the Digital Inputs Arduino Lesson. The record button circuit will be attached to Arduino digital pin 7 and the replay button circuit will be attached to digital pin 6.

The picture below shows the wiring with the exception of the analog feedback connections. The circuits.io does not have analog feedback servo modules yet.
    The Arduino analog pins to servo feedback wires are not shown in the image, don't forget them! See above for the wiring list

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