Some common issues and solutions for your trainable robotic arm:
  • Servos moving erratically: Check all your ground connections. If your powering the servos with a different power source than the Arduino, they need to share the same ground or the PWM signals will corrupt between the Arduino and servos.
  • The arm performs the movements but in reverse order: Reset the Arduino if your using one power source. If you have 2 power sources, power everything off then back on.
  • Routine starts correctly but repeats the beginning motions: You recorded a routine that filled up the EEPROM so the commands of what would have been the end of the routine were lost in the bitbucket. Record shorter motion routines.
  • LED doesn't turn on when record button is pressed: Double check the record button circuit, if it's good then give it a moment after calibration before pressing the record button - there is a delay and you may be pressing the button during that delay.

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