When you're out and about at a convention or conference sometimes you want to be a social butterfly, but other times you'd prefer to float anonymously amongst the crowds. In this project, you'll build a conference badge utilizing a tiny traffic light that you can use to symbolize to the world your socializing preferences in the moment:

  • Red for "no socializing please"
  • Yellow for "lets connect if we really know each other"
  • Green for "I want to talk to every single person"

The badge uses a QT Py ESP32-S2 with a LiPo BFF running CircuitPython. This makes for an ultra portable electronics solution with code you can customize even while you're at the con.

The badge is themed as a tiny road diorama to match the mini traffic light model. You can paint and customize the case with model accessories such as grass, plants or other small details.

There is a cutout in the case for a STEMMA cable. You can use it for additional electronics, plugging in SAO boards or adding your favorite STEMMA sensor.


Angled shot of small square purple dev board.
What has your favorite Espressif WiFi microcontroller, comes with our favorite connector - the STEMMA QT, a chainable I2C port, and has...
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Video of a sparkly manicured finger connecting wires to make a miniature traffic light light up.
What is this, a traffic light for ants?? Yes! No, we jest again, the scaling would be completely off. Here's an adorably Lilliputian Mini Traffic Light,...
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Video of a person with white painted nails unplugging a USB cable from a small, black, square-shaped lipo battery breakout board soldered to a similarly shaped microcontroller, which is also connected to a monochrome OLED display breakout. The OLED breakout displays battery and power data.
Is your QT Py all alone, lacking a friend to travel the wide world with? When you were a kid you may have learned...
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Angled shot of 20 6mm soft silicone top pushbuttons.
This product is really annoying to have to write a description for because it's really something you have to touch to understand! Instead of a hard plastic actuator-button, these...
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Pink lanyard with Adafruit characters and metal hooks at ends
We've got our Circuit Playground friends on lunchboxes, 
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1 x 3.7V 400mAh LiPo Battery
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Ideal For Feathers - 3.7V 400mAh
1 x Silicone wire - various colors
30AWG Silicone wire - various colors
1 x Heat shrink
Multi-Colored Heat Shrink Pack - 3/32" + 1/8" + 3/16" Diameters

Diorama Parts and Paint

1 x Mini Green Grass
Diorama grass
1 x Mini Meadowland Bushes
Diorama bushes
1 x Acrylic paint
Color assortment of acrylic paint
1 x E6000 glue
E6000 glue

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