So you've got an awesome Halloween costume planned, but do you know the best places to go trick or treating this year?  Some houses have great candy while others might stick you with a set of wax teeth or a granola bar--yuck!  Wouldn't it be nice to keep a record of the best houses for trick or treating?  With this Track Your Treats GPS Candy Tracker project you can build a candy container that logs exactly where you found the best Halloween candy.  Using the power of the global positioning system you can optimize your trick or treat route for maximum candy acquisition!

This project uses an Arduino and either a GPS shield or FONA 808 shield to log your trick or treat route.  By pressing a button you can note a location as having good candy and view those good candy locations later on a map--great for planning next year's trick or treating route.  With the GPS shield your path will be logged to a microSD card and viewed on Google Maps, and with the FONA 808 shield your path will be logged to Adafruit IO through the cellular network where a dashboard will display the trick or treating route live as it happens.

Before you get started it will help to be familiar with the following guides:

If you're new to Arduino be sure to read about getting started and programming a basic blink sketch too.

Also note to use the Adafruit IO version of this project you'll need to be part of the Adafruit IO beta.  If you don't have access yet check out the weekly show and tell show and show off a fun project to show your interest.

Continue on to learn about the hardware used in this project.

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