To visualize and keep tabs on Cujo, we'll need to create a dashboard. This will be an easy way to access the results from the feed and triggers we just set up.

  • In the top pane, click "Dashboards"
  • Next click "view all"
  • Click "New Dashboard"
  • Enter the title and description for the dashboard

Now we're in the Dashboard creator!

  • Click the gear icon then click the "create new block" option
  • These are all the different blocks available.

Create a line chart graph

This is helpful for seeing Cujo's movement patterns over time.

  • From the different blocks, click on the one entitled "Line Chart"
  • From your FunHouse feeds, select "motion sensor" for the chart feed
  • Name the chart
  • Create a time range for the data we would like to see.
  • Label the axes
  • Set the min and max value for the Y-axis
  • Click "Create block"
  • Hit "Save Layout"

Create a stream for the data feed

This is helpful for seeing exact data points. Aka what time exactly did Cujo move?

  • Create another new block from the gear icon.
  • Select the "Stream" block
  • For the feed, choose the feed we manually created earlier from the WipperSnapper feed group called "Motion sensor activated"?
  • Create a name for the block as well as a time range for the data we would like to see.
  • Click "Create block" and save the layout

And voila! There's our gorgeous dashboard. We can change the layout of the blocks by hitting the gear icon and dragging the blocks around, then saving the layout.

Don't see any data?

That's ok, try refreshing the page. If there's still nothing that's probably because we haven't collected any data yet! (These screenshots are showing data that's been collected over the last couple of days of this writing).

Now it's time to place the sensor near Cujo's habitat and start collecting some delicious data!

This guide was first published on Oct 12, 2021. It was last updated on Oct 12, 2021.

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