We should now have the Feather M0 and Featherwing OLED assembled and the headers soldered on each

The Fritzing diagram shows where to connect the wires. For power we will be using the 3.3v connections on the proto section. The ground will be connected the GND connections on the proto also.

The transmitters just need power and ground. For the receivers they will also need a signal wire. For Sensor 1 we will use pin 10, Sensor 2 will use pin 11. Those will be wired to the space provided on the OLED FeatherWing.

To get the correct lengths for the cabling we will temporarily put one 4-40 3/8" Machine Screw in to hold the OLED Featherwing and Feather.


Then use tape to temporarily hold the wires in approximate position to cut them to a shorter length.

For wiring up the on/off switch we will reuse some of the wire that was cut off in the previous step. Verify that you have enough length to go from side of case with cutout for the switch to the GND and EN pins on the OLED FeatherWing.


The switch has 3 pins, but we only need the middle and one of the outer pins. The other unused outer pin can be left on or trimmed off.


Once the wires are soldered to the switch insert in to the opening on the right side.

As mentioned previously we will wire the signal wires from the sensors to the OLED FeatherWing. There is a row on each side available for soldering connections.


Sensor 1 is the one on the right of the track and will connect to pin 10. Have the wire come from under the board so it will not interfere with screwing the display to the 3D printed parts. Then wire Sensor 2 to pin 11.


The slide switch will wire to the EN and GND on the OLED FeatherWing. Polarity for this does not matter.


The power and ground will be soldered to the rows provided on the proto section of the Feather board. We will have those wires come from the top of the board.

Now attach the OLED FeatherWing to the Feather board and it should look like the image above. Next using 4x 4-40 3/8" Machine Screws attach the boards to the assembly. 

To prevent the reset button from being pressed in, do not fully tighten the screws.

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