Insert the sensor with 3 wires in the base with the wires routed to the center. Then screw it down using the a 2-56 3/8" Flat Head Machine Screw.


Repeat this for the left side also.

Similiar to the last step we now will insert the transmitters in the top. These each have two wires. Then screw down with 2-56 3/8" Flat Head Machine Screw to secure them in.

Now that the sensors are installed we will put the two pieces together. Make sure the sensors are all secured before this since after it will be hard to reach the screws to tighten them down.


Move the wires to the side and slide the two parts together. This might require some light sanding of the parts depending on how well it printed.

Now we can route the wires through the hole and continue to next step of wiring.

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