Hardware Screws & Nuts

Use will  M3 hardware screws and nuts to secure the Circuit Playground Express to the PCB. Be sure the screws are metal and electrically conductive. We will mechanically secured them together and create conductivity between the connections by fastening screws and nuts between them.

Install Screws

Place a screw through one of the pads, A1–A7, and hold them it place. Then, insert and fasten an M3 hex nut onto the screw. Twist the hex nut on but leave it loose. Repeat for pads A1 – A7, ensuring a loose fitting.

Fasten Screws

Place the Circuit Playground Express board over the PCB. Orient the boards together so the pins line up correctly. Each touch pad should trace back to pins A1-A7. Use a screw driver to fasten the screws through the PCB. Don't screw all the way through, yet. Repeat process for the rest of the pins.

Install 3D Printed Mount

Place the PCB assembly over the 3d printed mount. Orient the PCBs so the pads are properly in place. The USB port should be positioned on a recess cutout. The pads and screws should line up with the mounting holes on the standoffs. Hold the PCB in place and fasten the screws tight. They should be long enough to screw into the standoffs. Don't over tighten. Pop in some goggly eyes and start jamming!

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