What If I Don't Have A 3D Printer?

Not to worry! You can use a 3D printing service such as 3DHubs or MakeXYZ to have a local 3D printer operator 3D print and ship you parts to you. This is a great way to get your parts 3D printed by local makers. You could also try checking out your local Library or search for a Maker Space.

3D Printed Mount

The mount is a single part that can be 3D printed in PLA filament with FDM type 3D printers. It's designed to secure the Circuit Playground Express using M3 hardware screws and nuts. Use the links below to download the STLs files. The part is oriented to print "as is" in your slicing software. Import the STL and use the "center to bed" feature, if your slice has this option. The bottom of the mount is completely flat. The mount features six standoffs that are sized to fit M3 sized machine screws.

Download STLs

You'll need an STL file to 3D print the mount for the circuit playground express. Click the button below to download the STL from your choice of repo site. 

Slice Settings

These settings are for a 0.4mm nozzle profile using CURA 3.X Optimized for the Ultimaker 3.

  • Layer Height 0.2mm
  • Line Width 0.38mm
  • Print Speed 60mm/s 
  • Retraction 6.5mm
  • Bed 60c
  • No supports needed

Fusion 360 files 

Below is a link to download the fusion 360 source file. This features the parametric timeline and sketches. You can modify the design or reuse the CPX component for future projects.

Design Source Files

The enclosure assembly was designed in Fusion 360. This can be downloaded in different formats like STEP, SAT and more. Electronic components like the board, displays, connectors and more can be downloaded from our Fusion 360 CAD parts github repo.

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