Interactive Projects

Using MakeCode and Circuit Playground Express you can make interactive projects using lights and sound. In this project we'll build a custom PCB for the CPX and use capacitive touch to make a playable mini synth instrument. 

DIY Mini Synth with Capacitive Touch

Build your own capacitive touch pads using copper tape, bare conductive paint or other electrically conductive material! The code used in this project works the same with any conductive material.

3D Printing and CNC Milling

This project uses both processes to create a custom synthesizer that is simple to use. This guide will cover basics of using the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC and Eagle CAD to create PCB shields for the Circuit Playground Express.

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Tools, hardware and supplies

Here's a list of some handy things I use when cutting some PCBs. 

1 x Bantam Tools Desktop CNC
PCB milling machine
1 x Single Sided PCB blanks
FR-1 4" x 5" copper clad boards
1 x Spatula Palette Knife
thin prying tool for removing parts
1 x Double-sided Tape
19mm (3/4in) wide tape for securing
1 x Squeeze Bottle
Wash Bottle for Alcohol
1 x X-Acto Knife
Precision Knife
14 x M3 x .5 x 6mm screws
Button Head screws
14 x M3 x .5 Hex Nuts
Metric Hex Jam Nuts 1.5mm
1 x Gray Blue Silicone Mat
Large Silicone Heat Insulation Pad
1 x Googly Eyes
12mm size in diameter

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