To create the opening in the tombstone, we designed a cutout with jagged edges and printed out a paper template.


Paint cracks

We used a foam cutter tool to create the opening and painted the inner edges.


Matrix Portal wires

Connect the power and ground wires with the included hardware.

Matrix Brackets

The two bracket parts are joined together with glue or M3 screws and nuts

Attach Acrylic 

Our Black LED acrylic softens up the LEDs and keeps the colors looking vibrant. 

You can attach acrylic to the display using ProTapes glue dash sheets.

Just attach small pieces to the corners and remove the protective backing.

Then just line up the acrylic with the edges and stick it over the display.

This makes the display show up much better on camera so you can have it in the background of your video calls.

Attach Brackets

Use two M3 screws to attach the brackets to the back of the matrix display. 

Align Matrix

Carefully align the Matrix display to the cut out on the tomb. Mark the position of each bracket.

Attach to Tomb

Use four M5 screws to secure the matrix display to the tombstone. 


Mount Battery 

Position the battery and battery bracket close to the Matrix Portal board.

Secure the battery bracket with two more M5 screws.


You can hold the tombstone up with a panavise or print out our tombstone feet below!

Tombstone Feet 

Use short wood screws to secure the two feet to the foam tombstone. Each foot has two mounting tabs. The mounting holes are 6mm in diameter with 92mm spacing distance.

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