Todbot's General Python Tricks

These are general Python tips that may be useful in CircuitPython.

blank_array = [0] * 50   # creats 50-element list of zeros

Storing multiple values per list entry

Create simple data structures as config to control your program. Unlike Arduino, you can store multiple values per list/array entry.

mycolors = (
    # color val, name
    (0x0000FF, "blue"),
    (0x00FFFF, "cyan"),
    (0xFF00FF, "purple"),
for i in range(len(mycolors)):
    (val, name) = mycolors[i]
    print("my color ", name, "has the value", val)
import sys
# 'dict_keys([])'
import board
import neopixel
import adafruit_dotstar
prints "dict_keys(['neopixel', 'adafruit_dotstar'])"
a = 123
b = 'hello there'
my_globals = sorted(dir)
# prints "['__name__', 'a', 'b']"
if 'a' in my_globals:
  print("you have a variable named 'a'!")
if 'c' in my_globals:
  print("you have a variable named 'c'!")

Display the running CircuitPython release

With an established serial connection, press Ctrl+c:

Adafruit CircuitPython 7.1.1 on 2022-01-14; S2Pico with ESP32S2-S2FN4R2

Without connection or code running, check the boot_out.txt file in your CIRCUITPY drive.

import os
'7.1.1 on 2022-01-14'

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