These boards come fully assembled and tested. We include optional header strips in case you want to use these on a breadboard. These take just a few minutes to install. For use in a breadboard, it is easiest to have the control connections on top of the board and the led connections on the bottom as shown below:

Soldering the Headers

Use the breadboard to hold the parts in position for soldering.

Position the header

Cut to size first if necessary

Position the board

Remember to place it upside down if you want the pins to end up on top.

Hint: A spare piece of header placed under the breakout board will help keep things aligned for soldering.

And solder!

Be sure to solder all pins for good electrical connection.

If you are new to soldering, check out the Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering

Repeat for the other side

Flip the board over and repeat the process for the LED headers on the bottom of the board.

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