In this step, we help you get API access to the Watson Speech to Text. Let's start with creating a Speech to Text instance on Bluemix (If you don't have a Bluemix account, follow the instructions to create a free trial).

You may leave the default values and select 'Create'.


Almost done! You just need to copy your credentials to the clipboard. 
Click on 'Service Credentials' on the left menu and copy your credentials into the clipboard.

Now make a copy of the default config file:

cd tjbot/recipes/speech_to_text
cp config.default.js config.js

Open config.js file using your favorite text editor and update it with your username and password.

What is an API?

No worries, it's super easy!! All you need to do it to watch this video. It's one of my favorite videos to explain what an API is!

I got my credentials right, but it gives me a weird error!

So you've updated the config file and it still doesn't work! No worries.

Most people mix up username and password and paste password instead of username.

Make sure you copy and paste 'username' and 'password' in the right fields. This should solve your problem.

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