Here are two quick videos of how to fold the bot. The detailed folding instructions are available on instructable: Build TJBot out of Cardboard

Once your TJBot is ready, get ready to connect your LED to the Pi Pins.

It's very important to make sure you connect the LED to the right pins, otherwise you may damage your LED or the Pi. ALWAYS start with the GND pin. GND is the longest leg of your LED. The LED has a flat side. The GND is the second leg from the flat side. Again if you are unsure, DO NOT connect the LED to the Pi.

Connect the GND to GND pin on the Pi (see the picture). Then connect 'Data in', the 4th leg from the flat side, to the Pi's GPIO pin. Lastly, connect the third leg from the flat side to the 3.3V on the Pi.

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