This cube is powered by CircuitPython! If you're new to CircuitPython, follow this quick guide to get your board up and running:

Once you've got the board setup with CircuitPython, you'll need a few libraries to get the code to work.

When on the next page, click the "Download Project Bundle" button in the code window to get the code and latest library files.

Copy over the following files and folders into your lib folder in the CIRCUITPY drive:

  • adafruit_dotstar
  • adafruit_framebuf
  • adafruit_io
  • adafruit_led_animation
  • adafruit_lis3dh
  • adafruit_minimqtt
  • adafruit_pixel_framebuf

Your lib folder should look like this:

Additional files

You'll also need two more files: the font file to display text and a file to store your WiFi SSID and password plus your AdafruitIO API key. 

Click the button below to download the font file, and unzip it into your CIRCUITPY drive:

Finally, create a new file called following the template below (replace the YOUR_ variables with your own details) and save it in the CIRCUITPY root folder as well:

secrets = {
    'ssid': YOUR_WIFI_SSID,
    'password': YOUR_WIFI_PASSWORD,
    'aio_username': YOUR_USERNAME,
    'aio_key': YOUR_KEY,

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