Here is a circuit diagram that can be used to reference connections while soldering. This is not meant to be an accurate representation of how the wires or placement of the parts will look like -- the components are laid out this way for clarity. It is simply meant to illustrate how to connect each component together.

A couple of notes:

  • The LIS3DH accelerometer board will be connected to the QT Py via the STEMMA QT ports. 
  • The "side panels" will be a series of 4 chained Dotstar matrices. The top and bottom panel will be a single Dotstar matrix.

Here is a tabular version of the connections between the QT Py and the LED panels, in case it's useful:

QT Py Top panel Side panels Bottom panel
5V 5V 5V 5V
A0 CIN - -
A1 DIN - -
A2 - CIN -
A3 - DIN -
A4 - - CIN
A5 - - DIN

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