Download the print files using the buttons below. The parameterized model is included in a .f3d file in case you want to adjust and customize the model yourself!

All six of the LED matrices will be press-fitted onto this 3D printed frame. It is required to print this using PETG filament or a similar material that can withstand more heat than PLA to avoid warping issues, since the matrices themselves tend to become quite warm especially when charging the battery. 

To reduce the amount of support material needed, it's recommended to print this cube in the orientation shown in these photos. There is a cutout on the frame where the switch will go, and that edge of the frame should be face down on the bed. 

The last photo illustrates the support material generated for this print using the Prusa Slicer. Here are the most relevant settings used for the Prusament PETG filament (some adjustments might need to be made for your own printer and filament):

  • Layer height: 0.20mm
  • Brim width: 5mm
  • Supports: Everywhere
  • Fill density: 15%
  • Fill pattern: Gyroid
  • Extruder temp: 250C


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