Tap the right or left side buttons to wake the watch and show the time in the current display mode.

Tap →⌚ or ⌚← tap

Hold the left or right buttons (not both) for 2 seconds to move back or forward through modes.

Hold →⌚ 2 sec or ⌚← hold 2 sec

The sequence of modes is:

↪Marquee↔Binary↔Moon Phase↔Battery Gauge↩

Marquee mode

Inspired by the famous Dow Jones news ticker, this scrolls the current time from right to left.

Tap either side button while active to switch the display from time to date. Tap again to show the time.

Binary mode

Bright dots represent a binary “1,” dimmer dots are “0.” “Off” dots separate the digits.

The hour (1 to 12) is shown as four 2x2 pixel blocks across the top.

Minutes and seconds are 1-pixel blocks, with the high and low digits separated for easier reading (3 bits and 4 bits, respectively).

The display at left shows 4:09 and 12 seconds.

Moon Phase mode

Displays the current phase of the moon.

The resolution is limited somewhat by the screen. It’s generally accurate, but this is not a medical device — do not rely on this data if you are prone to lycanthropy.

Battery Gauge

This displays the approximate battery level.

Frequent button presses may temporarily lower the battery voltage more than this display indicates. After assembling your watch, you might run through the first battery pretty quickly in your enthusiasm to show everyone. If it seems to have suffered a premature demise, allow the watch to rest for a few hours, or try a fresh battery.
Sometimes the watch display may appear dim or flickery, regardless of the display mode. This happens when the battery voltage runs low. It’s normal behavior, an attempt by the watch to preserve battery life. Allow it to rest or replace the battery soon.

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