This project uses two mircro servo motors, powered and controlled using Circuit Playground Express.

The Vout pad on Circuit Playground Express (CPX) is connected to each servos' red wire, the A1 and A2 pads to the yellow wires, and the two GND pads to the servos' brown wire. 

The alligator clip-to-male jumper wire connectors are great for connecting servo motors to CPX.

Once your motors are connected, you can connect your board to a power source and test how the servos respond to the board being tilted along its x-axis and y-axis.

If a servo does not move, check that you have form connections on the correct pads. Do not connect to pad A0, that is a sound output pad.

If you have issues running servos (especially two), use a better power source as a battery might be drained, etc. Servo motors use a fair amount of current, draining batteries over time.

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