Just like an animatronic robot at a theme park, your unicycle robot has a functional skeleton that can be covered over with an outer skin or costuming.

A simple way to do this is with cutout Adabot parts! We've provided two templates you can use to do this in a couple of different ways.

With the first, you can simply print to a color printer and then cut out the parts. The second file is for layering pieces of colored cardstock that are either cut out with a hobby cutting machine, such as a Cricut paper cutter, or with a laser cutter.

Printer File

The .pdf file below is for printing out to a color printer and then cutting out the parts.

Cutter File

This file is the one to use if you have a machine cutter or laser cutter and you want to layer cardstock.

Glue and layer the light blue leg and arm parts on top of their dark blue counterparts.

For the head, the layer order is: white square (this provides white for the eyes and teeth), dark blue, light blue, and finally the black eyes.

You can attach the head to the torso by putting some glue on the neck protrusion and affixing it to the back side of the torso.

Dressing the Bot

Now, you can use tape or glue to attach the costuming to the underlying cardboard parts.

Upper Leg

  • Place a glue dot, tape, white glue, or hot melt glue to attach the middle of the upper leg costume to the middle of the cardboard upper leg
  • Make sure the leg can still pivot freely at the hip and knee

Lower Leg

Attach the lower leg costuming in the same way, making sure not to impede the pivots.

Torso and Head

Next, affix the torso and head to the cardboard body armature.


You can decide how to affix the arms to provide that perfect look for your bot! Here they're taped in place, but what if you wanted to be able to change the arm pose? You could add some more holes and nylon screw pivots! This is one of the great things about working in cardboard and paper -- it's never too late to make modifications!

Your tightrope unicycle Adabot is ready to perform!

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