Adabot has always wanted to join the circus -- and you can help Adabot fulfill this dream by building a tightrope riding, balanced unicycle bot!

This project uses the Circuit Playground Express for brains, and the Crickit platform to provide the power to the gearbox DC motor.

You'll make a cardboard chassis, frame, and armature, then dress it up with Adabot costuming.


These are the parts you'll use to build your bot.

1 x Adafruit CRICKIT
for Circuit Playground Express
1 x Circuit Playground Express
Round, Awesome Microcontroller Board

or, you can use the yellow TT motor, it can't go quite as slow, but works well, too!

1 x TT Motor DC Gearbox
Plastic gear -- 1:48
1 x TT Motor Pulley
36mm Diameter
1 x Male DC Power adapter
2.1mm plug to screw terminal block


In addition to the parts above you'll need

  • corrugated cardboard
  • hobby knife or scissors
  • small Philips screwdriver
  • string or cord
  • brass paper fastener
  • white glue or hot melt glue and a glue gun
  • two M2.5 x 12mm screws and nuts
  • an M3 x 8mm screw
  • a toothpick

For the Adabot costuming overlay, you'll need either a color printer and some thick printer paper, or cardstock in light blue, royal blue, white, and black to make the cutout layered version designed by the Ruiz brothers.

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