Assemble switch brackets


M3 x 16mm long screws are used to attach the micro switches to the printed brackets.



Mount switch brackets


Brackets are mounted to the base with M3 x 5mm long screws. 

Connect the arcade quick connect wires before mounting to the base.

Solder board


Wires are soldered to the pins on the micro-controller.

The board is inserted into the PCB mount at an angle with the corners fitting under these clips.

The mount is then secured to the main base using hardware screws with all of the connections made.

Mount board


The board mount attaches to the base with two M3x5mm long screws. 

Panel Mount 1/8" / 3.5mm TRS Audio Jack Connector fit next to the USB port on the case.

Attach lid


The top covers can then be installed to the built-in hinges on the base.

Theres nubbin's on the sides that are press fitted into the dimples on the hinges.

The micro-switch features a bump actuator so it works nicely without the need of an additional spring.



Additional rubber feet make it grip to any hard surface and they just stick to the bottom of the case.

This project uses code from the Lemon KeyPad:

We hope this inspires you to try out CircuitPython for your next USB controller project.

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