In this project we're making a USB foot switch with CircuitPython!

We were inspired to make a new foot switch which could be really nice for young folks and even animals.


For tasks that require both hands, we think using feet can help complete tasks much quicker!

We designed and 3d printed a three button foot pedal that snap fits together.

This project can be powered by either an Adafruit QT Py RP2040 or the KB2040.

CircuitPython makes USB HID project really easy to put together.

You can customize the key codes and set up different keyboard shortcuts or media controls like play/pause and volume.

You can 3D print the parts without any support material using your favorite filament.

The bottom features mounting holes to use M3 hardware to secure the switches and brackets.

The case is compatible with the QTPy or KB2040 board. We used the QTPy in this build.

Boards press fit into a mount that can then attach to the case.


Top covers can then be installed to the built-in hinges on the base. Theres nubbin's on the sides that are press fitted into the dimples on the hinges.

The micro-switch features a bump actuator so it works nicely without the need of an additional spring!

Prerequisite Guides

If your new to electronics and soldering, I suggest walking through the following guides to get the basics. The Adafruit Excellent guide to soldering will walk you through process of learning how to use a soldering iron to make solid electrical connections.

Optional TRS jacks can be used for Assistive Technology button and switches.


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