Adafruit HUZZAH32 Arduino IDE Setup

We'll upload the thermal camera demo sketch to the HUZZAH32 using the Arduino IDE. We'll need to install the board profile and libraries installed before uploading the code. Let's start with setting up the Feather board. Click the link below and follow the setup instruction from the HUZZAH32 guide. Once complete, come back here to continue.

Installing Libraries in Arduino

With the board profile, we can then install the dependencies. We'll use Arduino's built-in Library Manage to install the libraries. Goto Sketch > Include Library  and select Manage Libraries. Here, we'll search for the following libraries and install the latest version.

Uploading Code

With the HUZZAH32 Feather board profile and Arduino libraries installed, in Arduino IDE select the thermal_cam_interpolate sketch under the File > Examples > Adafruit_AMG88xx menu. Connect the Feather board to your computer via microUSB cable and select the SiLABS under the Tools > Port menu (Option might be named different using Windows OS).

Upload the code to the Feather using the Upload command, Cmd+U or clicking the arrow icon.

Arduino Sketch

Select the Thermal Cam Interpolate demo from the AMG88xx library

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