Wires for Slide Switch

This little slide switch is great for embedding in small projects. We'll be wiring this up directly to the Feather HUZZAH32. Measure and cut two pieces of wire, about 6cm (2in) in length.

Tinning Wires

30AWG wires are great because they're both flexible and durable. To prevent the strands of wire from fraying, it's a good idea to tin them with a bit of solder. 

Tinning Slide Switch Pins

The slide switch has three pins on it, we only need two of them. Snip off either the far left or right, but not the middle! Add a bit of solder to the remaining two. They're a bit long and can be trimmed shorter. 

Connect Wires to Switch

Now we can attach the two wires to the pins on the slide switch. A set of third helping hands are great for holding the switch in place while soldering the wires.

Connect Switch to Feather

Solder one wire from the switch to the EN pin on top of the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH32. Solder the other wire to the GND pin. It may be helpful to add a small bit of solder to the pin to make it easier to attach a wire. 

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