Joining Parts Together

If everything is lined up, fit the camera body over the back cover. Be sure to fit the groves on the cover onto the edges of the camera body.

Align Features

The back cover part features a sliding rail on each side. The camera body features edges that mate with the rail.

Body Assembled

Before closing it up, look inside the case and see if any wires are being kinked. Turn on the circuit to see if everything is working properly.

Snap-On Covers

If everything looks good, fit the top and bottom cover parts over the camera body. Make sure they're properly lined up before pressing them fully in. The opening in bottom cover should be lined up with the microUSB port of the Feather.

Assembled Camera Body

Check and inspect the camera body to see if everything is fully seated, connected and intact. Shouldn't hear any rattling when shaking – It should be pretty solid!


The camera body felt a little bit too plain for me so I added these cute stickers from Pimoronoi

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