Before proceeding with this page, make sure your board is correctly set-up by following the Using the Arduino IDE  page of the setup guide for the Feather 32u4 LoRa.

To install the TinyLoRa library, Open the Arduino Library Manager (Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries). In the search box, type TinyLoRa. The TinyLoRa library should be the first result. Click Install.

Make sure the TinyLoRa library version displayed is 1.0.1 or above.

We've added an example for using the DHT22 with the TinyLoRa Library.

To open it from the Arduino IDE, click File -> Examples -> TinyLoRa -> tinylora_dht22

The Arduino IDE should open a new window with the tinylora_dht22 sketch.

Now that our IDE is setup up, let's learn how to send data from our Feather to The Things Network and decode it!

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