Before your Feather can communicate with The Things Network, you'll need to create an application.

First, we're going to register an account with TTN. Navigate to their account registration page to set up an account.

Once logged in, navigate to the The Things Network Console. This page is where you can register applications and add new devices or gateways. Click Applications 

Click add application

Fill out an Application ID to identify the application by, and a description of what the application is. We set our Handler Registration to match our region, us-west. If you're not located in the U.S., TTN provides multiple regions for handler registration. 

Once created, you'll be directed to the Application Overview. From here, you can add devices, view data coming into (and out of) the application, add integrations for external services, and more. We'll come back to this section later in the guide.

Click Register Device

On the Register Device Page, The Device ID should be a unique string to identify the device. 

The Device EUI is the unique identifier which came in the same bag as your Radiofruit Feather. We'll pad the middle of the string with four zeroes. The App Key will be randomly generated for you by TTN. Select the App EUI (used to identify the application) from the list.

Now that the application is set up, and the device is registered to the application, let's move on to wiring the Feather for use with TTN. 

The Sticker (EUI) which came with my feather is missing! What now?

The Things Network's Device EUI can generate a device EUI. It also makes sure the EUI generated conforms to the IEEE spec.

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