If you're within the United States, you can skip this page. The code and setup is already targeted towards the US frequency ranges.

Dont fret if you're not in the US - you'll just have to make some small modifications to your code to ensure it runs on the correct region. The Arduino-Lmic library supports the following regions:

  • eu_868: EU
  • us_915: US
  • au_921: Australia 
  • as_923: Asia
  • in_866: India

First, within the directory of your sketch, create a new folder named project_config

Open the Arduino IDE and copy and paste the contents of the lmic_project_config.h file into the IDE:

Simply uncomment the region your device is located in. We use a SX1276 transceiver on the Feather M0 LoRA, so this definition should not be changed. 

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