Wiring the Antenna

Your Feather M0 does not come with an antenna, but there are two ways of wiring one up.


For this guide, and to keep the build cost-effective, we soldered a small, 82mm wire to the ANT pad.

  • Antenna Options and installation instructions are detailed on this product's learn guide's antenna options page. 
  • Note: Antenna length differs between regions, make sure you cut the antenna to the correct length for your region.

Add a required jumper wire - Pin 3 is internally connected to pin io0, but we'll need to add a jumper wire between the Feather Digital Pin 6 and Feather Pin io1.


Make the following connections between the Feather M0 and the DHT22:

  • Feather 3V to DHT22 Pin 1
  • Feather Pin 10 to DHT22 Pin 2
  • Feather Ground to DHT22 Pin 3
  • Add a 10k ohm resistor between the VCC (DHT Pin 1) and Data Pin (DHT Pin 2) on the DHT22.
Make sure there is a wire connected between Pin 6 and the pin labeled `io1`. Your sketch will not work properly if these are not connected.

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