Once the lens has been glued in place, it's time to add some electronics.

Rubber Band


Cut a rubber band in half and trim a 4 inch section off of it.

Glue this length of rubber band across the back of the lens. This will hold the HalloWing in place.



Make it Wearable


Attach an old pair of glasses from which the lenses have been removed.

Place a few large dabs of hot glue around the bridge of the glasses. This should hold the glasses securely in place for the mask.

Poke holes where your eyes will be. These will allow you to see through the mask and navigate your surroundings.

The power of the human visual cortex is able to construct an accurate map of your surroundings based on even minute information coming in from the eye, so you may be surprised how few holes you need in order to be able to see.

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