To start, you will want to print the PDF of image, you can download via the link below:

Print the image as big as possible, such as entire page of paper (8.5"x11", A4, etc.)

Cut out Seal


Cut out the circle, following the line around the seal.


Glue the seal onto a piece of cardboard.


Let it sit for about 10 minutes to dry.

Attach to Cardboard


Cut the cardboard around outline of the seal.


Now your seal is ready to turn into a mask!



Poke three holes at the corner of the triangle. These will be used for alignment.


Align the lens on the back of the cardboard using the holes. Make sure the lens is equally spaced around the three holes.


Holding the lens in place, mark its outline with a pen or pencil.

Mount the Lens


Cut a hole offset about 1/8" INSIDE the circle you drew.


Glue the lens in place with some dabs of hot glue.

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