We will need several software components to get this all working. Here's the run down.


You may already have this installed. If not, here's the official website you can go to for install info:

To check if it's already installed, try running this at a command line:

python3 --version

We are showing running with explicit python3 just to make sure you run with Python 3 instead of 2. Don't use Python 2.

FT232H Setup

This is covered in the guide here:

Don't forget to set the BLINKA_FT232H environment variable so that the Adafruit Blinka library knows it should probe the USB bus to find an FT232H chip. This is OS specific, so see details in the guide.


This is used to generate plots. Use the official installation instructions here to install for your platform:


This is the Python Imaging Library which is used to render the plots onto bitmaps that can be sent to the TFT display. Install instructions are here:


This is a Python library used to gather system data. The PyPi page is here and the install instructions are here:

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