Installing Circuit Playground Bluefruit and TFT Gizmo

Use the included hardware to secure the TFT Gizmo to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. Optionally use a 350mah battery to make this a portable project.

Install the Battery

Place the battery on top of the TFT Gizmo and orient it so the battery cable is facing the pico connector.

Installing the Circuit Playground Bluefruit

Orient the Circuit Playground Bluefruit so the USB port is facing up with the 12o'clock label on the TFT Gizmo.

Secure Hardware

Place the CPB over the TFT Gizmo. Use a screwdriver to install the included screws. Tightly fasten all 12 screws onto the pads. 

Plug in Battery

Pull out the battery cable from in between the CPB and TFT Gizmo. Then, plug it into the battery port.

Turning It Off

The CPB will power on once the battery is connected. To turn off the circuit, you'll need to disconnect the battery. 

Install PCB to Turtle

Orient the PCBs for the USB port is facing the bottom rear. Place the PCBs over the body of the turtle. Press down to snap fit onto the built in standoffs on the turtle.

Install a lens for TFT Gizmo Display

Optionally use a plastic convex lens to magnify the display. Place it in the center of the screen. The lens is not glued to the parts, it is simply held in place by the turtle shell.

Install Turtle Shell

Place the turtle shell over the display. The opening in the center of the shell will keep the lens in place.

Snaps Fit the Turtle Shell

Hold the assembly together and turn the turtle over on its side. Press fit the two parts together so the snaps are fitted over the nubs on the inside of the shell.

Accessible USB 

The USB port is accessible on the bottom rear of the turtle. The rest of the components on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit are also accessible.

TFT Gizmo Turtle

And there you have it, that’s how to assemble our 3D Printed Turtle. This was a cute project to work on and I hope it inspires you to try out Adafruit’s CircuitPython.

There's tons of other great projects you can make. Check out the BLE image transfer guide for beaming pictures to the TFT Gizmo using a mobile device!

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