Next, wire up a BME280 to your board. If you'd like to avoid soldering directly to the FONA shield, you can pick up some shield stacking headers and some jumper cables

  • Board 3V to sensor VIN
  • Board GND to sensor GND
  • Board SCL to sensor SCK
  • Board SDA to sensor SDI

Attach Antennas and Battery

A battery and GSM antenna is required to use the Cellular module. If you want to use GPS as well, a passive GPS antenna is also required

Check polarity for the battery!
Snap the uFL connector on, it will click when placed properly

All of the above are REQUIRED! Flaky behavior is often a low battery, no SIM, no GSM antenna, etc!

Insert SIM Card

You must insert a SIM card to do anything but the most basic tests. The shield and GPS does work without a SIM but of course you cannot send or receive texts, calls, etc!

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