The only extra components required are a Micro USB that is long enough to reach the cars USB port to Qi USB port. For Tesla Model 3 we used a USB cable 10 Centimeters long.


Testing USB port power


We recommend testing each USB port in your car to make sure you are using the maximum amount of amps available to that port. We used a Charger Doctor to check each port to ensure we are providing our devices with as much power as they can.


Surprisingly the two ports in the back supply different  amps on each side (1.4 amps on left and 1.2amps on the right ). The two ports in the front supply 1.3 amps on the left and 1.36 amps on the right.


The Qi charge is enable to provide 1.18 amps if plug into the passenger side (right) USB port.

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