Dual Color


If you decide to print the dual color version, we'll first need to insert the bolt onto the mat.


The small outline will press fit into the cutout from the the back of the mat and should hold in place with a tight tolerance. 

Qi coil insert


To install the circuit we just need to slide the Qi charging base into the cavity. It’s got a snug fit so we don’t need any glue to hold it in place.


This is one of the reason we used a flexible material. The ability for flex parts is also required when install the mat in the cars console.

Mounting Qi board


We used M3x6mm long sized screws to attach the PCB to the built in standoffs on the mat so it’s nice and secure!

Insert bottom


The bottom bumper is a separate piece which is nice since we don’t have to use any support material so it’s optimized for 3D printing.

Replace mat


Installation is as easy as pulling out the stock mat and plugging in the qi charger to the built in USB ports.


An extra USB port is also available to charge other devices which is nice since you won’t have to take up another USB port.

Place mat


Last step is to fit the cables into the channels. Move the mat close to the console at gauge the amount of slack needed for the cable.


Now we can align the pegs on the mat to the slot on the console and press fit the mat in place!  



Wireless Charging makes it really convenient while driving so you don’t have to worry about tangling up your cables.


It also fits the minimal aesthetics of the Model 3 so it looks nice and clean!

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