Cut On / Off Trace


Use Flash cutters the remove the trace with the white box around it. This will enable the the slide switch to turn the circuit on and off.

Slide Switch


Solder wires to the middle pin and one of the other two pins of the slide switch.

Solder Lipo Backpack


Measure, cut and solder wires that will connect the Lipo backpack to the ItsyBitsy board.

ItsyBitsy Connectors


Follow the circuit diagram to add male connectors to the ItsyBitsy pins. Use heat shrink to insulate the shared ground and power connections. 

Solder Backpack to ItsyBitsy


Solder the wire on the Lipo Backpack to the ItsyBitsy board.

Mount boards


Align the USB port to the cutout with the metal shield facing up as shown. Press fit the ItsyBitsy board, at and angle, between the three walls on the "eggG-in-shell" part. 


Fasten Lipo Backpack


Use an M3x6mm long screw to secure the Lipo Backpack to the standoff on the wall, next to the slide switch mount.

Press fit slide switch


The slide switch fits between the walls. Gently pull the metal tabs on the side to increase the tolerance.

Shorten Servo cables


Measure, cut and replace the cable on the Servo with female molex connectors. Measure short to keep the wiring tidy. 

Servo cables


Align and pass the the servo cables through the cutout. The Servo press fits between the walls.

Use the included screw to secure the servo to the standoff on the wall.

Lipo Battery Extension cable


Shorten a JST extension cable so the battery can reach the Lipo Backpack.

Connect the JST cable


Pass the JST cable to reach the Lipoback pack. Use tweezers to help connect the cable.

NeoPixel Ring

Measure and solder a female connector to the NeoPixel ring. 


Mount NeoPixel Ring


Pass wires through the cutout. Angle the NeoPixel Ring over the Servo so one side fits under Servo tabs. The opposite side of the NeoPixel Ring fits over the top of the Servo tab.

Connect Servo and NeoPixel Ring to ItsyBitsy


Arrange the wires along the walls to keep the connections tidy.

Servo Horn


Use the included Servo horn screw to attach the "eggG-horn" part to the shaft on the Servo.

Leg Assembly


Press fit the ball joints into each segment. Connect 6 segments together and attach to the three sections on the "eggG-lid" part.


Connect Lid


Fit two of the snap fit sections over the "egg-G-lid" part and press down over the third to connect the two parts.

Diffuser Eye

Press fit the diffuser part at an angle. 


Attach Head


Align the Horn spokes between the peg inside the head part.



Metallic multi surface Acrylic Paint form craft smart is used to complete the look.

The closest matching color is Espresso. 

Allow the part to dry for about half a day before adding an additional coat of paint.

Magnetic Pin Back


The Magnetic Pin Back includes a metal bar backing with adhesive strip. Affix the metal bar to your costume. Then attach Terrako!

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