Now that we have the terrific eye animation running on the HalloWing, let's prep the T-800 for the upgrade!

Skull Stand

You can use a plastic skull to attach the eye and support the mask, since it doesn't have much structure on its own.

Following the pictures as a suggestion, you can use pipe, pipe flange, a wooden base and some screws to build the stand, then mount the skull onto the top of the pipe by cutting a small hole and using glue or epoxy.

Attach the Eye

Attach the HalloWing to the skull's right eye socket with some gaffer's tape.

There should be enough space to still reach under the HalloWing and turn the switch on and off.

Open the Eye Socket

Using scissors, cut out the old eye -- try to keep the hole a bit smaller than the base of the lens so it doesn't show through.

If there is any unsightly white rubber showing through where you cut it, use a black permanent marker to cover over the rubber.

Pull on the Mask

Slide the mask down over the skull and eye as shown.

Turn on the HalloWing and let the T-800 have a look around!


The Terminator is looking awesome at this point, but there's something a bit off --- He needs some cool wrap around shades! You can break out one lens if you like, or simply paint the inside of one lens on some cheap safety glasses.

This will cover the non-moving rubber "human" eye, and allow the cybernetic eye to shine through!


When you need to recharge the battery, simply remove the shades and mask and plug in USB power to the HalloWing, it's internal charging circuit will take care of the rest.

Hasta lavista!

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