Software Setup

We're going to be using the popular Arduino IDE to compile and load code. Start by following the PyBadge setup guide to

  1. Install the latest desktop Arduino IDE
  2. Install Adafruit SAMD board support package
  3. Install all the Arcada Libraries

Once that's all done, also install the TFLite Micro Speech library

Try loading the JSON demo version of the code

Select from the Tools menu

  • Board: Adafruit PyBadge M4 Express
  • CPU Speed: 200 MHz
  • Optimize: Fastest
  • USB Stack: TinyUSB
  • Port: Correct Serial/COM port

And compile + upload to the PyBadge

After its done uploading, you should see a new disk drive on your computer called CIRCUITPY (or similar) it will be 8 MB large

Unzip this folder and drag the tflite_config.json and yesno.tflite files to the disk drive

Eject the disk drive via the operating system (Eject or move it to the trash on MacOS)

Press Reset on the back of the board to restart

You'll get a boot screen telling you what model it loaded (thats the tflite file)

Press the A button to record up to 1.5 seconds of audio, the first neopixel will light up red to let you know

Try saying "yes"

Or "no"

You can also get a silence output if nothing is heard at all

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