Once you've soldered the hardware together and uploaded the sketch code you're ready to assemble the final tiki torch.


Start by putting a layer of filler material inside a mason jar.


To prevent a mess if filler material spills I recommend filling the jars on a tray or in a box.


Gently bend the NeoPixel strip into a U shape and hold it inside the center of the jar.  Then continue to fill the jar with filler material.


Leave a bit of room at the top of the jar so you can fit the Gemma board and battery (pushing the battery down into the jar if necessary).  Then fill the jar up to the top with filler.

Once the jar is filled you're ready to put the lid on and screw it shut.  However make sure the lid is not conductive or it might short out the connections on the hardware!  Most mason jar lids have a white coating on them that is not conductive, however if your lid is shiny metal or you're not sure if it's conductive then cover the lid in tape (like packing tape or even duct tape) to protect it.

Once the jar is sealed up check that you can still control it using the remote control.  If the remote control isn't registering double check the IR receiver isn't blocked by the battery and has a clear view out of the jar (as long as the filler material is clear it shouldn't block the IR receiver).

Now that the jar is assembled the last piece is to place it inside a tiki torch.


Pull the fuel cannister out of your tiki torch.


Push the jar lid side first into the torch.  If you're using the torch suggested in this guide the mason jar should pop in and be held snugly by the wire in the top of the torch.


If the mason jar doesn't fit the torch you might need to cut the wire at the top of the torch and bend it into a smaller or larger opening to accomodate the mason jar.

Congratulations, you've built the techno-tiki torch!  Decorate your backyard, a patio/balcony, a campsite, or even your room with these beautiful glowing lights.

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